The Moon Ball 3 – Execution

Moon in a Cage - Aak fictionspawn

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-We got him, your Majesty!

-And the ball?

-Here it is.

-Splendid. The King held the ball in the air, looked at it. -Make sure it doesn’t disappear again. And as for the thief… I want him executed in front of the castle tomorrow. People must see that the King is not to be stolen from.

The rebellion in the south was giving him quite a headache. This would send a message to the people.

The next day the square was full of people. Word had spread that Jerome would be executed. Everyone was there. It was a sad day.

The King was watching the crowd. He had the moon ball in a little cage, chained to his portable throne. People whispered, pointed.

Two guards led Jerome up on a scene. The Butcher, the King’s feared executioner and torturer was waiting. He had a huge axe, leaning on his hip. Another was holding a paper.

-This man has stolen from our beloved King!

Mumbling went though the crowd. They all knew Jerome, and they knew his moon ball. Now they saw the ball in the King’s possession.

-Silence! The soldiers took a step forward. The crowd stopped talking. -He will be executed today. The King will not be mocked by anyone!

The King made a gesture to the Butcher. The Butcher lifted his axe. People held their breaths. The axe fell towards Jerome’s neck..

The moon ball exploded in a bright light.

People were scattered on the ground. Wooden pieces. Soldier’s arms.

-The King! Someone shouted. The King’s dead!

The King’s body lay on the ground, ripped to pieces. Several of his royal guards as well.

-Disarm the guards! Take the castle!

Some guards resisted. People picked up swords and axes from the ground. Soon they were overpowered. The rest threw their arms down. The crowd broke the castle gates open. Hundreds of people stormed in.

Jerome got up on his feet. The Butcher had fallen off the scene, broken his neck in the fall. Objects were flying out of the higher windows of the castle.

The moon ball was floating in the air beside him.

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