Death of the Indestructible


By Ellen Grace

They were in trouble.

They knew they were in trouble.

The ship had been hit by a torpedo, a direct impact to the engine, which had sent them plummeting through space.

“Engine failing.”

“Warp core failing.”

That voice continued rattling off a list of everything in the ship that was malfunctioning. The crew worked desperately to get everything working again, but their actions constantly failed.

“Fusion core failing.”

“Voice … dyyyiiing …”

The ship fell into silence, the constant monologue from the reassuring voice having ceased.

The captain looked over at his second-in-command.

“How are we supposed to know what’s failing now?”

Ellen Grace has been published in the Bust-A-Rhyme poetry anthology and SpillWords Press, and is a regular performer at the Exeter “Loud and Queer” open mic night.

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