Tornado aak fictionspawn.jpg

The city was awesome. Born in a thunderstorm at high sea, he had entered through the bay. Boats flying. People running. Panic. He loved it.

He tore down buildings. Threw cars around. Little humans trying to hide, so used to being in control.

Now they were impotent against his power.

He followed the highway into the land. Towns and villages could be seen in a distance.

This was going to be fun.

Like a Drop in the Sea


  1. I LOVE that!!! You caught it. Man. My sister and I were biking one day when we got caught in a tropical storm that appeared faster than You can imagine and was carrying small twisters with it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life. It was CRAZY! Sobbing, crying, running and trying to hide. My GOD! Lightning hit a telephone wire in front of us….about 20 yards away…..HUGE crack….BRIGHT blue light…line down, trees down. I threw my bike and took off running. We still laugh to this day and couldn’t stop laughing during through the tears. But…..Your picture captured it. I bet that silly storm was having the time of its life!!! You made me laugh a lot just now and it’s been a icky day so…THANK YOU!!!!! Yay! Cheers! And…cool!

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  2. Nice beginning, and I like the concept of a personified tornado. I think you could develop this further though, and work towards a climax. A possible ending is the inevitable death of the tornado.

    btw; I like the art for your stories. Are you the artist?

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