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Carefully Random

     Wisps of grey stained the air as red fingertips greeted a blue sky. Bypassing awkward introductions, the bloody dye embraced the aqua watercolor lovingly for a dance. As though they were old friends—no—as though they were rekindled lovers, the cerise and cyan waltzed; each stride drawing the colors daringly closer. Droplets of purple formed with each step, creating whirlpools of amethysts to spin rubies and sapphires across the horizon. Lost somewhere on a sea of magenta, the two soon became one in the same: a mauve masterpiece of two entities who had lost themselves in one another.

     This violet art radiated joyous passion; however, an onyx corpus, a forgotten and now jealous disaster of the past, strutted forth with desire to end the short-lived bliss. Drenched in black ooze, the sable beast seized the lavender couple and struck them. Collapsing into their now infected magical sea, the two…

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