Whole by Mindy Watson

The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by Arushi Gupta Illustration by Arushi Gupta

Skin deep, we carve our immeasurable sorrow in the fold of your shivering arms…”

Dark Tranquillity

When the mirror’s cracked pane slits a hole

In your visage, and twists with untruth

Your contorted taut innards—when hate

Carves your core to a festering pulp,

And you deem yourself culpable—what

Can you dobut encircle that void

With your own empty arms, and recall

The dissembler who’d preyed on your trust?

He’d alleged you’d be safe if you pledged 

Secret loveso you’d choked down his lust.

Yet, in yielding, you’d swallowed yourself

Now a silver-tongued knife on your desk

Glibly glints, and his blade courts your lack:


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