The Story of the ToyMaker

A great story by Max M.T.B , macabre and beautiful. Enjoy.

My Life is a Horror Story


“I am not a murder!” Shouted Charles. “I love my children! I love them all! Release me!” He screamed in cries that progressed into whimpers and he babbled. “I read her bedtime stories,” he muttered as the guards hauled him away. His last moments of coherency dribbled out of his mouth, “My son wanted to be like me. That is all he wanted. Is that too much to ask? God save my soul!”

I watched them haul my good friend Charles away where, he would be tortured and ultimately, face the guillotine. The present reader of this story might think me cold to allow Charles to be carried away in his reduced mental state. However, there is something that the reader must know- a commoner like me can make no comments in regards to what is right and what is wrong. Had I spoken they would have hauled me away…

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