Distant Events

Distant Events

T’gam watched through the telescope as the Grimbar fleet approached the planet of Berk. He had known for quite a while. He knew the Berkian people, a species tied to their planet by gravity, had no way of knowing.

He wanted to do something, he wanted to help, but there was no way. His species knew a lot. Knowing was what they did. They observed, they calculated. They knew about the Berkians, how they had lived for so long in their simple and peaceful ways. How they had ruled their world and the rest of the species in it with justice and harmony, never abusing their superior intelligence for their own benefit. They were a lot better than T’gam’s people had been. The Maargres had learned the hard way.

Now the Berkians were threatened. T’gam spoke to his master teacher. The master Teacher moved his nostrils as the Maargres did when horrible things happened.

There’s nothing we can do, he said. The Berkians have no communication system, no knowledge of life on other planets. We cannot prepare them for the events to come.

T’gam went back into the observatory of the ancient university. He focused on the planet of Berk once again. For a long, long time he stood there, watching. When he saw the warships arrive, he knew the war was already over. He knew the Berkians were already lost a long time ago. His nostrils moved as he sat down on a chair, staring into nothing.

He didn’t want to know anything more.



Accidental Encounter




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