The Voice in the Attic

The Voice in the Attic.jpg

You know what I want.

She hesitated for a moment. Looked towards the door to see if anyone was coming. She took off her dress.

Come closer. I want to see you. Feel you.

Invisible hands. Touching her, everywhere. She moaned. Leaned her back against the stone wall, letting herself get carried away.

She felt it stroking her cheek. Her hips. Her tits and her tight ass. All at once. She felt sexy. Hot. Her panties fell. She lifted her bottom up against the stone wall. Something soft stroking her most intimate parts. Penetrating her. Everywhere, deep into her inner being, her very soul. She moaned louder. Pushing against it, following its rhythm. Screaming as she reached climax. She sunk to the ground, exhausted.

Are you OK, honey? Her husband calling from down stairs.

Yes, baby, everything’s fine. She grabbed her dress. I… I just had a little… accident, but I’m fine.

OK, he said. Supper’s almost ready!

As she walked down the stairs she realized her panties were still on the attic floor.

She’d go up and get them later. A smile spread in her face. When her husband was asleep.

Beauty and the Beast


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