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The Book of Hangman

jeff-easley-astral-dreadnought-1987“Astral Dreadnought” by Jeff Easley (1987)

This is a short piece of fantasy flash fiction about another time and another place, and the powerful and inescapable force that resides within its disjointed folds.  Originally written on the 9th September 2016.


The Outsider coursed through the astral realms like a virus in the blood. The burning of a dim, spectral light glowing in the thing’s eyes, it traced a serpentine path through the in-between worlds in search of its prey.

Its arrival in the deeplands was announced by an unshakable and powerful dread, the beings in this pool of the void knew well what was approaching. There was no escaping it, no fleeing from the insatiable hunger. It took what it wanted, wherever and whatever that may be. It had done so for all eternity, and would continue to do so until the threads fell apart and time…

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