The Witch Doctor is a story about oil drilling in tribal territory. For some strange reason, human kind has built a system where people can buy other people’s land from people who live far away from that land, even if the territories have been in the possession of local tribes for centuries or more.

Multinational corporations are guilty of vast numbers of extreme crimes against natives around the globe, often with help from police and national soldiers. How do we justify a system that gives someone the right to take the rightful land of other people? Why is money more important than reason?

We like to think that we somehow have advanced, gotten beyond the unjust systems of the past, where slavery and repression was accepted as divine rights of the ones in power. Things haven’t really changed that much.

Today the privileges come from national belonging and wealth instead of noble blood. What before was regarded as God’s will is today a question of money. Poor people in poor countries are just as suppressed as they’ve always been. Tribal communities are often treated like animals.

The real curse is not the one of the Witch Doctor, but the one of human greed and indifference. By doing nothing we are all part of the problem. Let’s start doing something.




Private Property