The Dead Man

-You’re late.

-Sorry, Jake. He put up a fight.

-A fight? He was supposed to be drugged.

-He was. I think he was, but he was fucking impossible to kill. We had to strangle him for ages.

-Well, get him in there and let’s get going… Wait… That’s not.. That not him, you morons!

-What do you mean it’s not him? It has to be! He was the only one there!

Ted and Jeremy dropped the body on the ground.

-I know his fucking face! That’s not Byron, I tell you.

-Now what the hell do we do? Ted scratched his head.

-Well, we still have a body to get rid of. Jeremy pulled the dead body’s leg..


-What was that?

-He made a sound. Jake poked him with his shovel.


-He’s alive, goddamnit! Can’t you stupid fuckers do anything right? You were supposed to do one little simple thing, bring him here dead, and you come with the wrong guy, and he’s fucking alive! How stupid can you be?

-He’s not fucking alive, asshole, and you better be careful who you… Ted took a threatening step closer.

Jake slapped him in the face with the shovel. Ted fell on the ground, stayed there with his face in the grass.

Jeremy grabbed the shovel, pulled it. Swung Jake off his feet. He fell on top of him, punched him in the face.

-You fucking lunatic! Take that! And that!

Jake’s eyes widened, looking over Jeremy’s shoulder. Jeremy turned his head. Weight came down on him.


The dead man sunk his teeth into the back of his head… (more)

Traffic Jam

Biiiiip! Beeeeeeeep!

-The traffic’s stuck… damn, as if the weekend wasn’t short enough as it is.

-And here in the middle of the tunnel… Now what?

-I guess we’re just going to have to wait. It has to loosen up sooner or later… Wait, why are people running back here?

-Do you think there’s been an accident?

-I’ll go have a look.

Jake walked on down the tunnel. People were running the opposite way.

-What’s happening? Why are you…

-Run! There’s a monster!

-Run for your life!

-A monster… Ha! That’s just silly. I guess I’ll have to go check it out myself.

The end of the tunnel was far ahead. He kept walking until he could see the bridge outside.

The traffic was jammed, all right. Several big trucks were blocking the way, but there was something else in front of them, like some kind of wall. He couldn’t really see what it was from here, but it looked like a huge rock. There was no one running any more. All the cars were abounded.

He reached the opening. His eyes followed the rock up towards the tall top. A giant face was staring down at him, watching him from high above. Jake swallowed. There was a giant monster sitting on the highway. There was no way no one would ever get past like this.

There goes my vacation. This can’t be happening.

Jake swallowed, forced his hands to stop shaking… (more)

Relative Truths

-We give you this blood for strength! May your soul become one with ours, and lead us into world dominance!

-Aaaaahhh! Let me go! Please, let me go!

The strops were too strong, there was no way they would break. Even if they did, Gilbert wouldn’t be able to get passed all these people surrounding him.

He should have known. She had always been crazy, believing anything anyone told her.

-Everything depends on your point of view! She used to say.

-The truth is what you make it!

They had split up, he just couldn’t take any more absurd fights.

He missed her. He missed her so much he couldn’t live without her. He missed her touch, her kisses, her soothing voice when she was happy. The sex. Oh, my God, the sex had been fantastic.

He heard about her, he heard she had started hanging out with some weird people out in a farm outside of town. He’d been worried.

So when she wrote him the letter, he really wanted to give it another try.

He walked down the path she had been told him she’d be waiting. Meeting up in the forest, he liked that. He knew she got naughty when they were in the forest, and had big expectations for what waited…. (more)

Moment of Glory

Yeah yeah yeah, baby!

The crowd went wild. The lights, the drugs, the music pumping though the masses. The concert was the best they ever did. The press was there. TV. This would be their great breakthrough.

Jaime Jetpack’s blurry vision made the whole place vibrate. The walls came back and forth, the crowd made strange multidimensional waves. He hardly ever remembered his concerts, but this was ridiculous.

Some chick was taking her shirt off, exposing her tits. He liked that. Tits were good, hopefully she’d look him up later.

The music stopped. Cheers, wild screams and applause. Jaime stood quiet, absorbing the moment, and working a bit on staying on his feet while the hall was swaying in a delightful way.

-Thank you! Thank you, you’re a great audience, he said after a while. -This one one is for the girl with the white shirt in her hand… (more)

Dirt Valley

“They were once human beings, now lying around as stinking piles, feeding on the flies attracted by their stench. They do not move, they do not speak, just lie around in stinking suffering.”

The words of the old man lingered in Drove’s mind as he looked into the valley. He could already smell the stench, and a welcome committee of flies was swarming around his head.

His horse pranced and neighed. This was not good place to be.

He forced his horse forward.

They walked in between the tall canyon walls. Soon he saw them, lying on the ground. Men who had tried to find better land. He was different. He was not afraid.

He rode down rocky slopes, through a river so dirty he had never seen the like. The smell stayed on his horse’s legs, tearing his nose. The animal suffered as well. He felt dizzy, sick to his stomach. He heard the piles around him moan in agony and self disgust. Their suffering dug into his back with the evening sun.

His horse stepped in something. Drove looked down. A pile of dirt looked up on him with tortured, pleading eyes… (more)

Strike of Luck

By the bank Palit got his flute out. He blew a long, monotone sound. Then they waited.

Nothing happened.

-Maybe we’re in the wrong place? Nista glanced over at Palit staring out on the lake.


The water moved. Something came up, emerged through the surface.

A hippo creature, big as a whale. It moved in to the shore and waited.

Palit leaped out on the big beast’s back. -Come on, jump!

Nista hesitated. It didn’t look safe. The animal sunk down, moved away from the shore.


She jumped, landed on its back. Slipped, fell into the water. Palit pulled her up.

The journey was long. The creature walked on the bottom where it could, swam where it had to. The water got deeper, the rocks on the sides taller.

-Where are we going? Nista said.

-I have no idea. The old man only told me I had to blow the flute. The rest would be up to fate.

They moved out into open water…. (more)