Solution to the ‘Crystal Clear’ Riddle

Creatures meeting in a fantasy Aak fictionspawn

This is the solution to last week’s riddle Crystal Clear:

The sticky materials say the tunnels are stuck together, as in connected, like knots and spiderwebs.

The stop of the top is the way a spinning top would point when it stops and falls over, which means any direction.

A stone thrown where there is no gravity will go straight ahead.

So the solution is: he has to go in an as straight line as possible in any direction until he’s out.


Thank you to everyone who commented and played along. Special thanks to Ekaterina Tretiakova for solving the riddle, and to H.R.R. Gorman for having a perfectly reasonable explanation for the answer “up”, and for getting pretty close. MJ Muñoz had some great theories as well, and lead the way towards the solution.

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