A little cabin by the sea. Aak fictionspawn

Never Return to Shore

He watched the sea as the waves came in, he loved the white water stream. The sound of movement, the beautiful wind, the seagull’s repeating scream.

He’d seen the storms, the waves like teeth, giant squids and whales. The Kraken he had felt underneath, the oceans he had sailed.


The darkness surrounds him. The sounds of the walls creaking, the wind. The horrors of the past. The fear of … More

Dark River

He set out on the water. She would be back today. He couldn’t wait to see her. He wish he … More

The River Mill

Tic tac tic tac from the tower he saw it all, the trees, the lake, the village small the forest … More


Darkness in my soul. A wound. A memory. Pain inflicted. Sadness. Loss. Nothing could ever mend what happened. No one … More