Burning Bridges


Danny had been sick of it all for a long time. The people around him. Traffic. His job at the factory.

He manipulated the heating system. Stashed all the pallets into the same room, lit a candle. Barred all doors.

-Isn’t it very hot in here today? Mr Rachman said to his secretary.

-It is, she answered. -It is quite hot. She looked out of the window. It had been rather cold in the morning.

Down on the floor Parker looked over at the door to the storage room. -Why is the gate closed? We’re supposed load the truck!

-I have no idea, it was open last time I checked.

-And where the fuck is Danny? Get the door open!

-It’s stuck, sir!

-Do you smell… smoke?

The candle would take half an hour to burn down. Half an hour had gone by.

Phil and Liz were standing on the roof terrace, looking out over the city. They could hear sirens running through town. Phil stood up, leant over the fence. He could see smoke on the other side of town.

-Look! The fertilizer factory is burni…

The explosion blew Danny off his feet. He could feel the heat in his neck. Then it was all over. He kept walking. The bridges were burnt. He was finally free.


A Destructive Solution


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