Reason Enough

Field of baloons. fictionspawn Aak

-What is that? I’ve never seen anything so… so…

-Our people have been inflating these bubble-things since the beginning of time, for longer than our collective memory can take us back. Finally the time has come for you to see, to learn about our purpose.

-What are they for?

-I don’t know, the old man said. They stood in silence for a while before he continued: -They make us feel good, I guess.

The young one looked at the endless field of bubble-things in the clouds, and nodded thoughtfully. For him, that was reason more than enough.


  1. Imagine in 200 years when atmospheric carbon sequestration machines dot the country side. “What do they do?”
    He shrugs. “We’ve been told to protect them. They keep us safe, or so they say.”
    “Who says?”
    “Those that came before.”

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    1. Thanks, Chris! I’m going a bit faster with the illustrations these days, and just work the first sketch until finished (I used to do a system sketch, then the drawing). It’s more fun that way, and I get to write more stories. I do think I learn more as well this way.

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