A amn riding through a nightmare Aak fictionspawn


Trapped in shadows

Haunted by wilt

He whispers in vain

a scream


Future horrors

Fears of what’s done


of the unknown


Longing for truce

nowhere to hide

The sinister wraiths

they are him



This illustration is based on a pencil sketch I made as far back as the summer of -95. It was in my own opinion the best drawing I had ever made, and it was a milestone in my creative development, ending an era and starting a new. I have an illusion of the same thing happening now, we’ll see if it’s true. Both drawings are made in A4 format, the second is liquid ink on cotton paper. Some minor corrections have been made digitally at the end.


    1. Thanks, George! Long time indeed. The poem is new, but I kind of tried to get back into the idea for the drawing, and tell it in words. I don’t know if I remember it right, though. A long time has gone by…

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