Deeper Dimensions

Deeper Dimensions

Piotr held up his invention and pressed the button. The wheel started spinning. The lizard attached fought to break loose as the charged liquid flowed between them. Reality started changing around him. Soon the guards were gone. The sun could hardly be seen.

He walked over to the big wall. The castle looked different down here. Taller. Stronger. Darker. He could feel the presence of the guards. He examined the gate.

There was a crack on one side. He snuck in. A hallway lay before him. He could see movement in the walls. Something was there, deeper underneath the reality he had sunken down into. He started walking.

He came to another door. He knew there were other guards there, but he couldn’t see them. The door was closed. Locked. A huge metal door, impossible to open. He went deeper. The hallway grew longer. Darker. He could see faces on the wall. Hands reached out towards him. Humanoid creatures, moaning in pain. Neither living nor dead. The deeper he went the more real they became.

He heard a sound behind him. The sound of cloves thundering to the floor, making everything shake. He turned around. A bull. The size of a house. Fire in its eyes. Coming at him at incredible speed.

The bull followed him down through the levels. The hands started grabbing him. Pulling him towards the faces, the mouths, the teeth. An opening in the door. He threw himself through.

The door bulged. The horns went through straight above his head. He sat on the floor, staring. On a huge pile of gold, gems and jewellery there was a monster. A creature trapped in it’s dimensional dungeon, kept away from anything alive. A devourer of souls, an otherworldly evil. Tentacles. Fangs. Claws. It moved slowly towards him.

He held his dimensional travel widget out, rose up through the shadows. The monster grabbed him. Followed him. Held him in the air, examined him, fed on his fear. Higher. Higher. The creature opened its mouth. Attached to him, it followed as he went up through the levels. He grabbed something on the floor. A golden sword. He swung it, cut the monster. It lost it’s grip. He fell on the ground. The creature faded. Stopped following. He was back in the realm of men. The beast was not there, but waiting for him right underneath the surface. He could feel it’s presence. He was trapped in a vault full of gold.

He hit the metal door with the back of the sword.

Did you hear that? Lark turned towards the door. There’s someone in there!

A thief! But how…?

Get the others!

The other two guards came running, and more were alerted.

Open the door!

Piotr watched the door open. Five heavily armed, highly trained guards, ready to execute him on the spot just for being there. He spun the wheel. Sunk down. The monster roared in anger and lust for destruction and torture. He held on to it, rose back up.

A monster! Kill it!

The guards attacked. The monster Grabbed one. Another. Forgot about Piotr. He fell on the ground. Spun the wheel again. Ran through the guards when he could still touch them. He could feel the bull pass through him on a deeper level. The door was open. He ran out. Ran until he was home.

He sat in his chair with his widget in one hand and a golden sword in the other. The lizard was glaring at him. It wasn’t satisfied with the situation at all. The sword handle was covered in gems and diamonds. His sorrows seemed to be over.

It had to be worth a fortune.

The Realm of Gods


    1. They are indeed suffering creatures… Thanks, Spaceman. Really cool you liked it, it was a bit difficult to get the story right. All the up and down stuff. I still think I might have repeated it a bit to much, and in the first draft there was a lot more 😀

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    1. Hmm… I tried to answer this one Saturday. Sonething must have gobe wrong.
      Thanks! I never played the game, but I do remember the animation movies.
      I’m aware of that one, still I keep doing it. It kind of just slips through 🙂

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    1. The tresure is indeed heavily guarded, but only the doors and the guards are in the way on our level. The levels underneath is just another way in not counted for, and both the cracks in the doors and the creatures there are unknown to the owner of the castle. In theroy you could get in by killing the guards and breaking the doors open as well, but when you have a gadget for movement in a fifth dimension, you do have quite an advantage. Not without risk, though 🙂


      1. Interesting and it explains some of the things that confused me about the story.

        As far as Nitrogen goes, several months ago, I found out that if the concentration of that gas were just a bit higher in our atmosphere, we’d all die. This sometimes happens to people in the semi-conductor manufacturing business if they enter an enclosed space where nitrogen is more abundant. It’s undetectable and you first pass out and then die. He might not realize what was happening until it was too late.

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