The Horrible Lights

The Horrible Light

Mark was sitting in his favourite chair watching TV when he heard noises from the kitchen. It sounded like voices. He got up. In the kitchen he turned the lights on.

There were small hairy creatures running around on the floor in chaos, bumping into each other as they ran towards any shadow they could find. Soon they were all gone.

That’s strange, Mark thought. He turned the lights off again, and the sounds were back. He could see movements on the floor, on the table, on the bench. Everywhere.

Hey! A human! shouted one of them.

Careful! He might turn the lights on again!

Oh, no! Not the lights!

What are you? Mark was deeply astonished.

Screw you! Get lost, human! The voice came from the table.

Yeah, fuck off! another said from the floor.

He turned the light on again.

The lights! The lights are back!

Nooooo!!! The lights! The horrible lights!


Soon they were all gone again. This was definitely the strangest thing he’d ever seen. He turned the lights off again.

Get him!

The little creatures jumped him. Little hairballs with arms and legs punching and kicking. He reached for the light switch, but he lost balance and fell backwards. They were beating him as much as they could. They were many. Many but small. He got up on his feet with punches coming from all sides. He shook them off and turned the light back on. They fled in terror.

He left the lights on. It would be a pain in the ass whenever the light bulb would go out. He sat down and thought for a while.

He picked up the phone.

The pest exterminator came in the early morning. He took care of the problem.

Under Ground


  1. My little people were a lot nicer.

    Oh, your little furry hairballs with arms and legs reminded me of the “animated” soot in the boiler room in the 2001 Japanese film “Spirited Away,” a favorite of my daughters and my grandchildren. However, they were nice, too.

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    1. Hmmm.. a bit, I guess 🙂 I thought of the movie in the link, and Guillermo del Toro’s remake sometimes when I wrote it. It’s called Be Afraid of the Dark. The other link is to James’ blog Powered by Robots, where I happened to read an a bit similar story just the day after I wrote the draft for this one. One could become platonic by less… 😀 Thanks!

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    2. … or that weird film ‘attack on the block’ ? Was that what it was called? Strange black things ..
      Cheapest film ever made and my son couldn’t get enough of it!!!!

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Oh yes, that was it!! 😂 I was always like “pause it! Pause it! I need to see what that was!!!” 😂

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  2. If I were Mark, I would NOT turn off the lights after seeing the creepy critters. What was he thinking?!
    Somehow, I doubt the exterminator got rid of all of them.
    Fun story! 😁


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