Lady Bellamy – A Passionate Predator (POEM)

Narwhal Beach

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food”

– George Bernard Shaw


A masquerade ball,

what a fabulous event for some

sensual skulduggery! Such a gaudy occasion attracts

the curdled cream of the corrupted crop.

All manner of villains lurk

in these extravagant halls – hidden behind

glittering masks.

There goes a politician – a bullshit artiste

Here comes an occultist – a student of esoterica.

In the centre of it all – a spider on a crystal web –

Lady Bellamy. A captivating cannibal. A glamorous glutton.

Always thirsty for a glass of wine.

Always hungry for a prime cut

of aristocrat.

So many guests dancing

and twirling,

laughing and conversing.

Such a wide range – Lady Bellamy is spoiled for choice.

Then she spies her main course for the evening.

As soon as their eyes meet, the young man

is bewitched and beguiled by malignant…

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