Mr Bunny Rabbit

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The house was on fire. The bird tried to fly out, bumping into the roof of it’s cage. The rabbit jumped back and forth in his. Mort woke up by the sound of the bird screaming. He jumped out of the window on second floor.

He could hear his bird inside. Cookies!!! Coooookiiiiieeessss!!! Squeeeeeaaaaaak!!!

Soon there was nothing but the sound of the house burning to the ground and the sirens of the fire truck in a distance.

The insurance company rebuilt it, and soon he could move in again. The house was better than the old one. He kept all flammable substances on the shelf in the outhouse now, just on case.

One day he heard a bird outside. Cookies! Cookies! He went over to the window to have a look. He saw nothing.

Cookies? Is that you?

You let us diiiieeeee! The squeaking sound of the bird sounded different. More rusty, less… real. Sweat emerged on Mort’s forehead.

I-I din’t… I didn’t mean to! There was nothing I could…



You let us diiiiiieeeeeee!!!

The bird flew off. Mort shut the window, sat down on the floor in the corner. Staring straight at the wall. The sound of the birds voce echoed in his head.

He went back to bed. He couldn’t sleep. The voice of the bird, and the total lack of logic was driving him crazy. He went down to the kitchen to have a cup of herbal tea.

He saw something outside move outside. A rabbit. Mr Rabbit! He loved Mr Rabbit, and missed him.

The rabbit was sitting in front of the outhouse, looking at him. He needed to see if it was really him, if it was really his beloved Mr Rabbit. He opened the kitchen door and went out. The rabbit was gone.

Mr Rabbit? Mr Rabbit, where are you? He walked over to the outhouse, looked into the open door.

You let us diiiieeeee!!! The bird’s voice behind him. He spun around.

The rabbit was sitting between him and the house. It looked like Mr Rabbit, but it was bigger. A lot bigger. Its eyes were glowing red in the darkness.

Mr Rabbit… He said, stuttering. I didn’t… I didn’t mean to…

You let us diiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The bird was flying somewhere above.

He looked back at the rabbit. It was closer now. He took a step back. The rabbit jumped. Mort stumbled, fell through the outhouse door. The hare started walking slowly towards him. He crawled backwards.

Coookiiieeesss!!! The door slammed shut. You let us dieeeeeeee!!! Diiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!

A flaming bird came flying through the little window.

It hit the shelf. The shelf caught fire. Mort threw himself at the door. It was blocked from outside. He screamed. No one answered.

The fire spread. The cans on the shelf exploded. The lighthouse lit up in fierce flames as Mort was screaming in horror and pain.

Soon it was all over. A little rabbit was sitting on the lawn watching the show.

Mink Farm Revenge


  1. Another interesting concept. The revenge of the critters was neat, but you could have had a little more buildup. Sting with him hearing cookies over a period of days, then you let us diee following. Seeing shadows of the animals out of the corner of his eye for a time would heighten the tension. I know it’s a bit nitpicky, especially for a piece of flash fiction where you don’t necessarily have time for that kind of buildup. Just mentioning it as a thought for future stories. In horror a lot of times what you don’t show is scarier than what you do.

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