Memories of a Perfect Life

Memories of a Perfect Life.jpg

Are you ready? The old man asked.

I think so, he answered. Is it going to hurt?

Not at all. It will be like a beautiful dream, the dream you always longed for.

A tear fell from Marcus’ eye. So much pain, so much sorrow. Would he finally be free from it all?

Let’s go, he said. I’m ready.

The old man did some movements with his hands around his head, said some words in a strange language.

Images started moving in his past. Colours. Words. Caresses and pleasure, love and adventure. Memories were created in the very moment. A life was lived, right there in the house of the old man. Horrible things were erased, replaced with others of joy and happiness. It was real. It was his life, and there was no way anyone would tell him it wasn’t.

A new life had begun. To him it was the life he’d been living all along.

The Darkest Depths


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