No Way Out

No Way Out

I look around. A circular stone wall surrounds me. I look up. The hole goes high. Some light comes down, but I can’t see it’s source. A well? Maybe, but it’s dry. Humid, but dried up. It smells of rot and death. Death. A body can be seen in the shadows on the other side. I’m not the first. This guy never got out.

I scream. Help! Help, can anybody hear me? No answer. Nothing but the echo of my voice going up the tunnel.

How did I end up here? I don’t know. I remember a car accident. I was driving. My girlfriend was sitting by my side. A truck. It hits us from the side. Then nothing.

The wall is impossible to climb. Slippery. Some kind of marsh covers it.

I feel the walls, if there’s any way out, some tunnel, something. A rock seems loose. I pull it out. A spark of hope is lit. The rock falls. Nothing behind but more dirt. I try to move more rocks. They’re all stuck.

A sound. Rats. They are eating the dead guy. I stare at him. He moves. He can’t move. His face is rotten. He’s dead. I grab the rock. He gets up on his feet.
Hey! I say. Stay there!

He walks towards me. His eyes are empty, dead. One of them is half eaten. His nose as well.

He moves closer. He holds his hands out towards me. Grabs me. I try to push him away. He’s stronger than I thought. He hangs on to me.

Let go of me! I hold the rock up in a threatening matter. He falls towards me. Bites my shoulder. I hit the rock to his scull. His teeth sinks into my flesh. I hit him again and again. His scull breaks. I can see his brain. No blood but mine. I hit him again. He falls to the ground.

The wound has gotten severely infected. I have a fever. I don’t know how long I’ve been here. Reality comes and goes. I’m dying. The rats have bit me several times. The feast has already started. I can’t fight them off much longer. Everything is humid. Wet. Cold. I’m dying now. I… am…. dy… i….*



  1. Well yuck. Better ways to go besides being eaten alive. So his car was t-boned one second and the next he’s in a mysterious well. Which side of the car did the truck hit? If it was his, maybe he’s already dead.

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    1. Well, he is now 😀 He wasn’t when he was put there, though. Now he’s probably waiting for some other unlucky guy to end up there so he can bite someone as well. If the rats haven’t already eaten him up.

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  2. Oh God. I actually read the whole thing! I watch walking dead with my boyfriend, often through covered up eyes while humming… 😂 … so zombies….I have become familiar with! Poor guy. Argh. You’re great at this genre and I’m just crazy about Your art always! Cheers!!! 🙂

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    1. Haha! Zombies are an entertaining species, aren’t they 🙂 The best zombie movie ever is probably Night of the Living Dead, which is the first one ever as well, as far as I know. The old black and white one, not the remake, of course. Never the remake 😉 Thanks a lot! For reading, for being here and for your kind words.

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