Death Metal

Death Metal.jpg

Sound Track: At The Gates – Blinded by Fear

Hard, fast and dark music pumped out from the loudspeakers. It sounded wonderful. Evil. The best concert The Dark Gnomes had ever had.

The hard core head bangers were up front. Tommy would love to be one of them, but this was his first metal concert ever. In fact, it was his first concert. He didn’t feel worthy. He had come alone, and didn’t want anybody to know, so he stayed in a corner at the back. Still a fucking awesome concert.

The guitar riffs were amazing, and Tommy couldn’t even understand how a battery could go that fast. And the vocal, Johnny Death Trap Michaelson… He screamed like a monster, speaking to the crowd from hell.

Now they were playing Tommy’s favourite song: Let’s All Just Die. It wasn’t possible to hear the words, but Tommy knew the letters from the album cover.

We all suck

Life is shit

Everything’s a lie

Tommy was banging his head carefully in the dark corner. It felt good. He was a cool guy, just no one knew.

Fuck you all

hear this call

let’s all fucking die!

There was a fire on stage, behind the band. Sometimes there were even small explosions. Now, as Dark Rat was making the crowd go crazy with his guitar solo, the flames were rising.

Let’s all fucking die!

The flames looked like a creature of some kind, almost human, but a lot bigger. Tommy could see horns. A demon. Some special effects. The Dark Gnomes were so cool.

The huge monster stepped out of the flames. Death Trap was screaming. Dark Rat turned his head. He stopped playing. A sigh of awe went through the audience. The demon caught him. Death Trap kept screaming as the demon raised his other hand behind him. He was grabbed, lifted up in the air.

The demon crushed the two musicians between its fingers. Johnny Death Trap still had the microphone to his mouth. The sound of his voice dying was the darkest thing Tommy had ever heard.

Panic broke out.

Tommy stood paralysed as people ran by him Soon the whole place was empty. There were bodies on the ground, stepped to death by running masses.

Tommy decided he would never go to a concert ever again.

Hitchhiking (Fear of the unknown)


  1. OMG perfect story! The irony of the consciousness and the Karma…singing those lyrics…those musicians got exactly what they wanted. To quote Kurt Vonnegut: “Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.” Fuck you all hear this call let’s all fucking die!” And wouldn’t you know it? That’s exactly what happened!

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      1. I know, at some metal concerts I’ve been to there was actually a really friendly vibe. The worst ones in terms of audience members being drunken jerks were Keith Urban and Motley Crue.

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        1. Ha, I’ll imagine 😉 I went to some black – and death metal concerts in Oslo at the Inferno Festival some years ago, alone just like Tommy 😀 The atmosphere was quite OK. Didn’t make any new friends, though 😀

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        1. Ah! I got confused 😀 I thought it was my last post, the imaginary friend is called Tommy too (note to self: use more different names). Sure, death metal seems to be a bit darker than he expected…

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