A Momentary Lapse

A Momentary Lapse.jpg

The street lights looked different today somehow. They were brighter, and they had a strange greenish colour. Everything looked more intense, more alive. He looked up on the stars. They seemed to be falling slowly towards the ground, leaving a trail of light behind them. It was beautiful.

He called his friend Ola.

Have you seen the stars tonight?

Aaaawww… You’re so romantic!

Shut up you prick! There’s something strange about them.

Ola was sitting in his chair playing counter strike on his computer. He slid the office chair over to the window.

They look normal to me…

Really? But they…

Everything looks normal to me.

That wasn’t Ola’s voice… Nils looked at his phone. It wasn’t his phone. It was a stick. And it talked.

You’re the one who’s strange! Hahahaha!

He dropped it. Looked around. The houses wasn’t there any more. Just trees. And they were moving. Stuck to the ground, but dancing in a strange way. There were butterflies and birds flying between them, little animals jumping around.

Hey, isn’t he a strange fellow! The stick was lying on the ground.

Sure is! Sure is! The the trees said in choir. He’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen!

What the fuck… What’s happening? Nils was astonished, and a bit startled. This was amazing, but where was he?

What… where…. Who are you? He managed to ask.

He asks questions too, the stick said. We don’t like questions around here.

We don’t like questions at all! One of the trees ripped its roots up from the ground. Another did the same. They all did. They didn’t look friendly anymore. They looked mean. Angry. They started walking towards him from all sides.

Hey! What are you… I haven’t….

Kill him!

They charged. Nils screamed.

He was back. Someone stuck his head out of a window. Shut up, asshole! We’re trying to sleep here!

His phone was lying on the ground. Hello? Nils, is everything OK? Hello?

Nils picked it up. Fuck, man. The strangest thing just happened.

What’s up? I heard a scream…

Nils looked at the stars. They looked normal now.

Never mind, he said. Let’s go for a beer.

And so they did.



A Story Come True


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