Weekend Wolf

There are at least two sides of every story… This one’s great.

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H. L. Sailer

I’ve got a bad rap, you know? Murderer, monster, beast. They come, and they try to kill me, and then they end up dead. Self-defense isn’t a crime, you know? But that doesn’t stop them.

Generations have been sprouted and bred just to kill me.


I’m just a guy trying to make a living in the forest. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, is there?

But here she comes, a little girl wearing a red hood. Why is it red? Hell if I know. Is it supposed to tempt me or something? What am I, a bull?

Nah. I’m much more complex than any farm beast. I’m a creature of the forest. King of the forest, actually.

And it’s best not to mess with me. I’m sure the kid will figure it out soon enough.

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