Not My Responsibility

Not My Responsibility.jpg

Martin was sitting on his farm, in his chair, listening to the cold wind outside. It was mid-winter, and the fire in the fireplace felt good. He a bit fat, short for a Norwegian, but satisfied with himself and his life. If people could just be more like him, everything would be better.

The news were taking about horrible things going on in the world. Good thing he was there on his farm, protected from all these horrible people. It was probably their own fault anyway.

A knock on the door. He put on the chain and opened the door a bit. Two people were standing outside in the darkness. They where shivering from the cold. Please, they said. They were different from him, from some foreign country.

Please, said the man. We’ve had an accident, and we’re lost in the woods. There’s no way we can get anywhere. What do we do?

That’s not my problem, said Martin. Call a cab.

But we have no money.

Get lost! Said Martin, and shut the door.

A bit later he looked out of the window. Footprints towards his barn. Those bastards.

He found the same couple inside the barn. His barn.

Get the fuck out of here! He shouted, with his hay fork at hand. The man in his barn got angry.

Please, my wife hurt her leg. Why can’t we stay? Why does it matter to you, we just want to avoid the cold?

You’re on my property, said Martin.

But it’s so cold out, said the woman with tears in her eyes. Please…

Martin lifted the hay fork.


They got up on their feet, and left. In the doorway the man turned around.

You’re a horrible person you know that? He said.

Martin took a step towards him.

They left and started walking down the road.

The next day they were found frozen to death in the forest. Martin knew it wasn’t his fault, it was their own for getting lost. He had no responsibility for the mistakes of others.

Lost Faith in Humanity


  1. Extremely good job with the story.. he sounds like a horrible person, but the truth is that everyone is exactly that person – just that our actions aren’t always this evident as a crime. Dark fiction with a satirical twist. Nice 👌👌

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  2. Martin is so cruel and selfish..almost a maniac, however these kind of people are there in this world…great story as always..however I have a request, Could you please change the background colour into a lighter shade..i love reading your stories but the background colour makes me strain my eyes 😦 and There is a small typo “news were taking “, I guess it would be ‘talking’..cheers

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  3. Sadly there are too many people like Martin in the world.

    There is a town in Alberta, Canada called Donalda which years ago had a lutefisk eating contest (Lutefisk being a type of Norwegian white fish).

    Anyways one of my Norwegian godfather’s great-uncles won the contest by eating 97 plates of lutefisk.

    But it was a double-edged sword.

    He won the contest but died as a result of eating too much lutefisk.

    It would be nice to see something like this happen to Martin.

    “Somebody help,” someone would cry at the scene of Martin’s lutefisk eating triumph after he keels over.

    “I have no responsibility for the mistakes of others,” said the only doctor at the contest- a nephew of the man and woman who had frozen to death in the woods.

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