Lost Faith in Humanity.jpg

He had lost faith in humanity. People just didn’t seem to understand. They didn’t want to understand. They didn’t want to come to conclusions, they didn’t even want to get along. Irrational madness everywhere. There was no hope.

He went for a walk to clear his head. The night was as dark as his mind, no stars, not even street lights. The power seemed to be gone, at least in his street.

He walked down to the river. The lamp posts were still working down there. He sat down on a bench, watching the river. He was tired. He’d been trying to find a solution. He knew there was, if people could just open their eyes. All this hate, all this closed-mindedness, all this… strange moral foundations. He didn’t see any possible way any more.

Presidents threatening with nuclear attacks, and people seemed to think it was OK. No one seemed to care about anybody but themselves. Sacrifying other people’s lives and homes was no problem, but they sure would not scarified their own. Incapable of putting themselves in the place of others, they were constructing their own doom. Fundamentalism everywhere. Christian fundamentalists. Muslim fundamentalists. But that wasn’t the real problem. It was greed and egocentrism.

As he was sitting there, watching a plastic bottle tangled in some kind of rope floating down the river, he heard a voice behind him.

Such a beautiful night, is it not? It was a woman.

I guess it could be, he answered without turning around. He just kept looking apathetic at the bottle disappearing down the stream.

May I sit? The woman asked. Her voice was strange. Metallic, yet soft. He thought he could hear a longing, a sadness of lost loved ones. She had a strange accent he’d never heard before.

He glanced at her. Shrugged. Sure, why not.

He didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything. The world could end for all he cared. People sucked anyway, and this one probably did as well.

She sat down beside him.

I can help you, she said. It doesn’t have to be this way. He looked at her. She was looking straight forward, into the thin air, as if she was talking to someone else. There was no one else there.

Er… He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what. She was beautiful, this girl. She looked young, yet wise, experienced. Green eyes with a yellow shine to them. Her lips was full and red, her skin pale, as if she hadn’t been in the sun for ages.

She leaned towards him. Trust me, she whispered. She touched his cheek, moved his head a little. Kissed him. Her lips felt good. Her tongue entering his mouth just a little bit. He met her. She had her hand on his chest, stroking him. She started kissing his cheek. Her hand moved down on his abdomen. She kissed his neck. He felt something sharp. Teeth? They entered his skin. He moaned in a rush of pain and pleasure, spreading out under his skin, throughout his body. Beyond orgasms and dopamine. Deeper, more real. Beyond life. He disappeared into darkness and beauty.

He came to himself. She was sitting over him, one leg on each side of his lap. She looked different. More beautiful than anything he’d ever seen. A goddess. She bit her lip. Blood.

Drink. Her mouth next to his as she spoke. She kissed him again. Blood poured into his mouth, down his trout. It felt good. Tasted good. His mind wandered off again. He was somewhere else, he saw himself from outside, his life, mankind, everything. Nothing really mattered. This time he didn’t come back.

Come. She took his hand. The world had changed. The darkness was no longer dark. The world of humans was no longer important. And he was hungry. Thirsty. Thirsty for blood.

Let’s find someone to eat.



Tears of Blood