Brothers in Law

Brothers in Law

I think it’s a good rule, really. The golden rule is of the oldest moral axioms there is. It is, basically, empathy explained rationally, I’d say.

Jack, his brother in law looked at him as if he was crazy. Frank continued.

It’s the very definition of morals, older than any religion, any ethical reasoning. Do to others as you want others to do to you, or more importantly, do not do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.

I disagree, said Jack. You can’t know that. How do you know that? There’s no proof.

I don’t know, said Frank. At least you should not do to others what they do not want you to do to them. To me it seems… Obvious.

I don’t think so. It doesn’t really matter what you do to them, it’s what people do that is important.

Er… I… I don’t know if I understand…

People do what they want to do, therefore they should do to others what others want to be doing.

Frank rolled his eyes. Whatever you say, Jack. I still think it’s the best way.

Whatever I say? You’re saying I’m right, just to make me shut up, or what?

No, it’s just… I don’t want discuss it too much, you get kind of aggressive when we…

Aggressive? Are you calling me aggressive? You’re an asshole, you know that?

Hey, calm down, man. I just don’t want us to fight, that’s all.

Fight? Fuck you, man. You’re closed minded arrogance disgust me.

Frank looked at the gate down the yard. When would his wife be home? He hated talking to his brother in law.

OK, OK. Calm down.

Calm down? Calm down? You calm down! You’re an asshole you know that? I’m sick of you! I don’t fucking want you in my family.

Frank was getting nervous. His brother in law had quite a temper, but now he seemed to be out of control.

OK, he said, I’m out of here. He got up from his chair.

Out of here? Fuck you, man. Fuck you. You’re leaving just because you don’t want to loose a fucking debate man?

Frank walked towards the door.

You’re not leaving! Said Jack. He jumped up and grabbed Franks shoulder.

Are you crazy? Frank was getting a bit scared. The fear provoked anger. Let go of me!

I hate you! Jack screamed in his face. I hate you, you’re the most arrogant fucking disgusting asshole I’ve ever known! You think you know everything!

He was holding Franks upper arm hard. His fingers pushing into the bone.

Let go of me! Said Frank, ripped his arm loose. The movement pulled Jack a abruptly towards him. Hos nose hit Franks forehead.

Ouch! You hit me! You fucking hit me! His nose was bleeding, his eyes looked crazy.

He grabbed a heavy vas from the table. Hit Frank in the head. Frank tried to keep his arms up to defend himself, but there was no way.

When his wife came home she found him dead on the floor. Her brother was no longer there.

Cogito Ergo Sum


  1. I thought before reading…..maybe no one’s going to die in this one……..but then….BAM! Interesting and impressive charachters, both of them. Just don’t want to meet someone like Jack im real life😁because there’s a 98% chance that story would end other way around then😐

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wasn’t really sure myself, to tell you the truth. Jack is an annoying fellow, isn’t he. I probably wouldn’t kill him, though, but I’m afraid we wouldn’t get along 😉


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