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Short Stories from Elby Cloud

Clang! The sound reverberated throughout the hall as Faith made her way down the ladder. Her metal foot was slippery on the iron rungs. She resisted the temptation to point her toe as she descended; she physically couldn’t and the effort caused her calf to cramp above the prosthetic. The sound was a reproach. Before, in the other life, she would have reveled in the acrobatic opportunities of the ladder, trying tricks like reaching her legs into the splits while she hung suspended from her trustworthy hands. She would have gloried in her strength and her fearlessness, entertaining herself on this long climb down. Now she had a syncopated reminder to stick to the route, no deviations.

At the bottom she spotted the plinth right away. She walked to it, carriage proud in spite of the limp. She placed her hands on the indentations on the side of the pedestal…

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