He hated crows. They were always picking on him. Literally. His eyes were long gone. They sat on him. Shat on him. Mocked him in his failure of what he was meant to be.

For many years he’d stood there. He’d never moved a toe, he didn’t even have one. He had no possibilities. No hope. The crows were eating his head.

A crow was sitting on his shoulder right now. Nibbling on his neck. Sticking it’s beak into a hole where his ear would have been, pulling out the straws that would have been his brains. That’s when it happened. One of his fingers moved.

After all this years, he moved a finger. He looked at his hand. This was the biggest moment in his existence. His hand shot out, caught the bird by it’s neck. The other crows flew away. They hadn’t expected this.

The crow fell to the ground, his hand connected to it. It was shaking. He saw his arm (yes, with no eyes, that’s how scarecrows with consciousness work), long, glittering in the light, moving like a… snake. It crawled out of the glove. It was a snake. The scarecrow watched as the snake devoured the crow slowly.

He couldn’t move, after all. Stupid thing to believe, anyway. He was a scare crow. Things were better, though. He had a friend.



Prophetic Poetry


  1. Dude. I’m reminded of your story with the shoe* and the curtains, like how this kind of thing occurs to you. Am also thinking of things like how there is light “without” the sun and stars being created “yet” [although the scarecrow had eyes and the crows messed them up]. Conscious scarecrows. Fun and curious reading.

    * Was it a shoe? I’m not sure I remember.
    (Seems like the picture I remember is a shoe.)

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    1. Thank you for reading, Marleen! It was a horned shoe flower:) I’m not sure if I understand what you mean with the light thing, but the scarecrow sees without eyes simply because he does;) I’m happy you liked it!


  2. I enjoyed that a lot. It’s like a fairy tale for adults, simple and fun. Makes me reconsidering the daily beatings I give my own scarecrow (it never stops the kelpie’s from eating my turnips).

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  3. This is fantastic I really enjoyed it. Crows are clever, wicked creatures. Scarecrows are more like us, usually with a little more consciousness than your average mechanical man clacking about the earth these days spoiling more than he should. Great sense of justice in this piece. I wonder who’ll eat the snake?

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    1. Haha! The bluebird, which is a type of crow, is said to be the only bird proven to have the ability of recognizing it’s own reflection, an ability considered a sign of elevated intelligence and self awareness. So clever they are. The snake’ll be OK, don’t worry. He has the perfect hiding place;)


  4. A bittersweet tale and a favourite of mine yet. Th scarecrow jut need some straw wings and a little bit of fairy dust and perhaps..one day..he can fly away.

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