The Consolation of Psychoactive Alien Secretions

Written by goatheadbuckley, reblogged from, and I made a sketch.

“Contact in 23 seconds-” “Pardon me, sir. But they’ve already boarded,” the crew member said and raised his left hand into a ray of foreign sunlight. The nails had become dirt and delicate fiddleheads began to uncurl in the shower of photons. The captain of the voidship Eris cocked his head to the side, disbelieving. […]

via The Consolation of Psychoactive Alien Secretions — APOKRALIPTIHKAL


  1. If I read it right, the crew member isn’t going to end up quite intelligent, at least as we think of it (maybe I’ve got that wrong). Anyway, I enjoyed “Guardians of the Galaxy.”
    (Turned out Groot was very intelligent, though while not seeming like it.)

    Interesting thought experiment — fun story. Funny, even… don’t know why.
    “… Psychoactive Alien Secretions.” Hm.

    The fiddleheads in the sun were quite a draw-in.

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