Return of the Dragons


-Look, up there!

-You know my eyes are not what they used to. The old man twisted his neck back as far as his worn back would permit. – What is it?

-The dragon’s! They’re back!

-Oh, my…It’s been so long. Hopefully they’re back to stay this time.

The faun jumped up the walls of the castle side, ran up from stone to stone where no man could ever  walk.

She straightened her back, took a deep breath of fresh air. Underneath people were gathering, all looking up to see the dragons circling the skies. Wherever they had been, they were back now.

The song was a song of welcome, a song to let them know they had been missed. Her voice, soft and powerful floated over the castle, over the town, out beyond the fields and forests. People came out of their houses, dropped what ever they carried, stopped what they were doing. Everyone looked up at the sky and listened.

The dragons danced. They flew around in beautiful circles, up and down, back and forth. Beams of fire lit up the sky as the sun was starting to descend in the west.

The old man held on to his stick, kept the rhythm with his right foot. It was a long time since his friend had sung. He knew that today was the start of a new time, a new era, just like the prophesies had foretold.

The sun was down. The fire lit up the sky. People danced in the streets, around hand in hand celebrating the omen that would end the hard times.

Many of them had been waiting for this day all their lives.

-So, the new time finally arrived, then, the old man said.

-So it seems. The fawn looked at the two dragons resting on top of the castle wall. People were going back to their homes, the silence was descending over town. -Things are going to be different from now on. Let’s try to make it the best.

They each walked back to their own chambers. There was a time when they would have gone together, but he was too old for that now. He remembered when they had first met. He was still young back then, still so full of life. She had been the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  Still the same almost a century later, she probably would be for centuries more.

New times were coming, and he wished them all the best. He laid back on his bed, closed his eyes. He fell asleep in peace, weary after such a long life. He could finally rest now. He knew he would never wake up again.



One Day Music Came


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