-Sooo… Wanna taste?

-I dunno… It looks like a lot of bones, really. Rather small, too.

-Hasn’t stopped you before.

-It’s probably poisonous. Look at the strange colours on its upper body.

-You think? I think it looks rather tasty…

-I’ve read somewhere the green upper bodies are poisonous… Lethal even.

-Really? I didn’t know. Well, let’s go find something we can eat.

-Yeah, nothing of interest here. After you, my friend!

Roger couldn’t believe it. They were leaving! He was safe…. Oh… One of them turned around.

Chew. Chew. Chew. Swallow.

-Delicious, but oh so small… Hey, wait up, pal! Sharing everything, remember?

Dragon’s Lair


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