So It Was You

Forest Giant And Tree. Aal fictionspawn

Larket held his hand out towards the giant in front of him.

“Stop!” he said. “Don’t come any closer!”

Someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Let him in”, the tree beside him said. It had a face. Its hands and fingers were branches growing wildly.

The squirrel stared up against him. It had a judging look on its face, like it had something nasty to say. The rabbits laughed a wicked laugh.

“You…” the giant said. “You have broken our rules.”

“I don’t know your rules! What do you want from me?”

“We hate you now.”

The rabbits laughed even harder, more viciously. The squirrel jumped closer. Other creatures arrived. Flying. Crawling.

He took a step back. The tree had its branches out behind him, closing him in.

He could not move. The giant started laughing.

In his terror he knew this was no dream. His own screams would have woken him up by now.


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