A monster looking in the mirror. Aak fictionspawn

He looked down on his reflection. He saw his own face, dry and worn, nothing but a shadow of who he used to be. The forest was dying around him.

There were no birds anymore. No animals, just a fly every once in a while. He had learned how to catch them, but they weren’t much food.

Down by the lake he could see the old pram lying by the shore, sunken into the water. There were no more fish, no more of anything. Poison. It was where it had started, so silently, creeping in without notice.

He followed the water upstream, hoping he would be able to find something, something to eat. The hunger tore his stomach, dried his veins. He kept walking.

Further up the valley than he’d ever been before he came to a big wall, fallen down several places. A building, dark and tall, unlike anything he had ever seen. It had a tall chimney reaching up towards the sky. A pipe went out into the river.

He sat down, back to the wall. Her was tired, too tired to go on. There were no flies here, no plants, nothing. He was too weak to go on.



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