A monster shadow on the wall. Aak fictionspawn

-Oh my God… The two experienced police technicians had never seen anything like this. There were bloodstains everywhere. On the walls, on the furniture, even in the ceiling. The floor was a crimson red pool. The victim was spread around in little pieces. Some psycho sure had had an amazing time.

They walked around, trying not to step in the blood, but it was impossible.

-Hey! I’ve got a fingerprint!

-That was fast, Pete said. They hadn’t even gotten their equipment out of the suitcase.

-Right there, written in blood.

It was. A big, red stain could be seen on the table.

-This guy must be a giant. He looked down at the hand lying on the floor. -The victim seems to have been normal enough…


Matt got his camera out, zoomed it in on the print.

-What the…

Pete raised his head. -What?

-That is the strangest thing I’ve ever… You need to see this.

Pete took the camera, looked at the image on the screen. He could see strange little letters following the pattern of the print. Letters he hadn’t seen before.

-It must be some kind of glove, he said. -I knew was to big to be real.

-I’ve never seen a glove leaving prints like these…

They got to work. Took samples, photos, studying more fingerprints. They were everywhere. Huge prints with strange letters.

-Well, that’s all, I think. Let’s get out of here.

They walked down to the car. As Matt was opening the window on the driver’s side, he glanced up to the window. He saw something. A huge figure in the window, staring down at them. An evil glare, a sinister grin.

-Look! He said.

Pete looked up. It was gone.

-Come! We have to get up there!

Pete followed him, a bit confused. The police officer guarding the door let them through, and they ran into the flat with their guns high.

There was no one there. All the windows was securely locked from the inside. No one had entered through the door. Another unsolved murder case in the big city of Dawn. The murderer with the giant gloves.

Ceremony Pt 1/2


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