From Above

Eagle attack. Aak fictionspawn

A child is playing on the ground.

He’s running around on the open field, laughing, screaming. His mother is watching from the porch. A beautiful spring day. He’s grown so fast, become so agile.

She looks up. A bird is circling, far above. A big bird. It makes her feel unsafe.

She calls her little son. He doesn’t listen, he’s too busy running around.

It is further away now. Further away from the threat, though not far enough. Hunger tears her stomach. Her mate is watching the nest. Their eggs. She knows he’s hungry too, and this one would be enough for them both.

The other stands up. Shouts the boy’s name. He does not listen, just runs further away. She walks down the stairs to the lawn.


The bird dives. The mother starts running.

-Andrew! Andrew, come here!

The child laughs.

-Andrew!!! He voice breaks into hystery.

The adult is coming closer. Fast as the wind she falls in, flying through the air like a spear.

She runs towards him. Holding her hands out. She’s almost there. She’ll get him. He’ll be safe.

The bird grabs him. Pulls him up in the air. He screams. She gets his leg, hangs on to him. The bird is flapping, screaming.

She pulls as hard as she can. The human is stronger. She screams, aggressively, to scare it away. 

-Aaaaaaaahhhh!!! Rita pulls as hard as she can, giving all her weight. Pulls the eagle down.

She’s losing control. She’s being pulled down towards the ground. Danger. A trap.

The eagle lets go. They fall on the ground as it flies away. She lies there, holding him. He’s still there. He’s still there.

She flies away over the hills, exhausted and hungry. She’ll have to fly home with her claws empty today as well.



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