A Good Night’s Sleep

Darkness through the window. Aak fictionspawn

It had been raining for days. A lot. He was cold and wet. All his things were as well.

The clouds and the rain made the night dark, and with a strike of luck he saw a barn in a lightning flash. The roof was leaking, but he found a dry spot in a corner. There were even some old sacks he could sleep under.

His wet clothes were hanging to dry, and he snuck naked under the dry sacks. It felt good. Last night he had been trying to sleep under some bushes, but the rain had made it impossible. It had been hard.

A roar woke him up. He sat up, listening. He wasn’t sure if it had been his dream, or if it happened in the real world. He got up, walked over to the window. It had stopped raing, but it still dark. All he could see was the contours of the treetops.

He heard the roar again.

He went back to his little corner, hoping whatever it was, it wouldn’t come closer.

He didn’t sleep much that night.


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