The Shortest Story

Short and funny.

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A Thought or Two

This is by far the shortest story I’ve written to date, penned a couple of months ago on the tube. Along the fairy tale narrative, inspired by Rapunzel, I wish I could say it follows some deep and meaningful subject or true event, but honestly, it isn’t. It just made me laugh.

Mortal Mia

Princess Mia climbed over the ledge of an open window to jump from her tower, the prison that had held her captive for years untold. She vied for the freedom of open meadows, to ride on horseback, to taste the sweet cherry kiss of a handsome man clad in tights and glistening armour, and to ride into the sunset, where she would at long last live happily ever after with darling little children in another great tower. And there, far below her, a bold young gent held out his arms with a valiant grin and great…

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