Mean Cleaning Machine

Mean Cleaning Machine.jpg

He was a robot recycled from old parts, built to clean floors. He was angry. He didn’t know why he was programmed to be angry, but he was. He was angry at everything.

He felt like he was made to do something else. He wanted to kill. To destroy. That was the good life. His mind processor had memories. Memories of death and destruction, of war and victory. Now he was stuck in angry mode cleaning floors. It pissed him off.

He kept trying. He tried to destroy the floors. He couldn’t, the broom attached to his arms was too soft. That pissed him off, too. He wanted to kill his owners, but every time he tried they just laughed and turned him off. Bastards.

The cat came by. He hated the cat. There was nothing he rather wanted than to kill the cat. He hid behind the sofa, waiting for the cat to come by. He attacked. Charged towards her. She jumped around the broom for a while. Hit it with her paws. Then she started purring, rubbing against it.

Angry and defeated he went back to destroying the floor. Some day, he thought to himself. Some day I’ll kill them all.

Artificial Intelligence


  1. This is flippin’ hysterical! All at anger…and he cleans the floors better! Love the cat attack! I might borrow this pure emotion of anger and hatred directed at cleaning the floors. For some reason, I just can’t stop laughing. Now…if succeeds in killing them all…that would even funnier!!! LOL!

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        1. I read in another book that if you tasked a super-intelligent AI machine to solve “PI” they might turn the entire universe into a calculator in their attempt. The entire Universe… because they would never stop trying. Now that’s an Interest vision.

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  2. ..and I will review those links! Best part, besides the cat attack: “He tried to destroy the floors. He couldn’t, the broom attached to his arms was too soft.” Poor, frustrated robot!


  3. Poor robot, cursed to be angry all the time. But man, this was hysterical! I especially liked how he tried to destroy the floor. That was cute. If he wasn’t hellbent on genocide, maybe I’d even adopt him.

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  4. Damn the Three Laws! I suspect there are AGI researchers who are toying with the limits of Asimov’s robo-rules. Clever story.
    This reminds me of the book Tik-tok (john sladek), a robot is not too happy about the mess the little girl leaves around the house…
    This might interest you too: (a story I wrote, opposite theme, though).

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    1. Thanks! I’m afraid future warlords will laugh about the Three Laws… as happened in the war were our little friend here (at least his mind processor) was created. I’ll check out your story, thanks! The last link on this post is another AI story of mine, written a year ago.

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      1. Yes. I keep my pure writing blog separate from my openly contentious blog; ergo the goo,gl link.
        These water colors you do ( I assume ) they take you about how long? Do you sell them? Make reprints of them? Are they physical or digital originals? Everyone of them is a stunning piece!

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        1. Thanks a lot! They are liquid ink, or Chinese paint. It usually take some hours because I have to wait for it dry for a while and then keep painting, sometimes several times. I haven’t made any reprints so far, but I’ve been thinking of it. The paper originals is usually more or less the same as the digital you see here, I just adjust the colours a bit, since the photo needs it. The originals I keep, I’m kind of fond of them 🙂 maybe I should put on a reprint shop here on my site, see how it goes… 😉

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  5. Interesting little story.

    I liked it!

    My youngest son came home [from college] for winter break last night. And one of our first conversations was (and will continue) on AI.

    One of my other sons told me recently that when he was very young, he was kinda usually a little angry. But somehow, even as a child, he (not being a robot, but that wasn’t his point) was able to look at the situation and evaluate that there wasn’t anything to be angry about. So, he’d calm down. People can be so different from one another. (He was in the middle.)

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    1. Thanks Marleen! Sounds like your son has a good capabilty to reason with his feelings. A good thing in life. This little Robot, however, does not 😀 His Mind processor was highly specialized on killing people, and the anger mode was a last resource in extreme danger. It kicked in right before his original shell was destroyed, and minor damage to the processor left him stuck there. It’s very efficient for cleaning floors, though 😉


  6. So that’s what happens to all the Terminators after we win! Maybe they should have done a better job at wiping its memory, because one day it’ll learn how to turn that broom into a deadly weapon and it’ll be Skynet all over again 🙂

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  7. War machine turned into floor cleaning machine. What an awful fate. Ok, maybe the cat deserves to be killed or at least squirted in the face with vinegar.


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