Gaia Strikes Back


That was delicious, honey!

Happy you like it, dear. I thought you would.

Well, that’s it. The old’s gotta make room for the new!

He got up and walked towards the bathroom.

I don’t really need to know, babe, she said laughing.

Honey, are you done yet? I don’t feel to well, I think I need to puke or something… Honey? Honey, are you there?

She opened the door. Her husband was lying dead beside the toilet. She held on to the door mark. The room was spinning. She fell beside him.


Another family is dead, sir. I…

Another one? That’s… That’s horrible! People seem to be dying everywhere! And please, call me Jones.

Peanut allergy, sir. The strange thing is they were eating steak with potatoes, sir.

Jones. Steak with potatoes? That doesn’t go with peanuts?

Exactly! There were no peanuts. It seems the steak had peanut protein mixed into it’s very tissue, sir. It… Wait! He was staring at the computer screen. -A report just came in, sir. It seems every tested life form on earth has suddenly gotten an elevated content of peanut proteins. Plants, animals, even fish and seafood. And everyone has become allergic to peanuts at the same time!

Every animal? Every plant? Jones looked down on his half eaten apple.

Yes. Every tested life form has proved to have a high content of peanut protein, sir.

And everyone is allergic….?

Everyone. Every man, woman and child on planet earth.

But that means…

That’s right. That means we’re fucked, sir.


Jones held a hand to his throat. He had a hard time breathing.

… it means there’s no eatable food left on the planet. It seems mother nature finally fought back… and won.

Jones didn’t answer.

Are you OK, sir?

Jones fell to the ground.

Call an ambulance! Mick shouted looking over his shoulder. He realized no one would call an ambulance. The new peanut machine was right down the hall.,4402.html


The Way Things had Always Been


  1. Mother nature always wins…this time, maybe with a little help from Monsanto! Great piece, a lot of death about lately…I wonder is something is brewing in our collective consciousness?? We’ll see…

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  2. And elephants are to blame. They used their massive minds, grouped into a powerful centralized think-laser to control the world’s biome. Now they can rest on their haunches knowing that they won’t be victimized by the Chinese — or anyone — for their extra long teeth.

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  3. Oh NOOOOOO! 😆 I liked that. You surprised me. As always, LOVE Your art. Lord. I wouldn’t blame her is all I can say. We have a very beautiful, amazingly tolerant Mother, that’s for sure! I think she will swat us away when she’s had about enough. Cheers! 🙂

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  4. Oh well, everyone gets caught up one day or another by its own deeds….Humanity is no exception. Nothing is so efficient like the harm you do to yourself. Great Story! So….till the peanuts get us, Happy New Year, magician of thoughts and words!

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  5. Nice! Starts out like a normal day…bang…Gaia strikes back. This reminds me of a couple of the scenarios in “Turing’s Nightmares” — starting out as an ordinary day and then some unintended consequence of AI strikes. We humans are screwing around with stuff in a rush to make “progress” without taking anything like the time necessary to begin to understand the consequences. Life on earth is now thought to be 4.75 billion years old. That’s how long the great tree of life has been evolving. Now we are in a rush to “fix” earth for our near term benefit by paving over vast swaths of it in concrete. Sigh.

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