The Dream Weaver

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A/N: Enjoy the flip of my last post. It’s been long and I forgive you if you have forgotten what it was all about. So click here to read my last post and come back to read this one for the complete story…

She was beautiful and he loved her beyond reason, but, what hopes did a poor weaver have of wooing her.

He wove ethereal fabric on his loom, with intricate patterns and fantastic colors and he sang along beautifully as he wove. People said he was had the gift of voice from the Gods themselves.

Then hope prevailed one day and he gathered courage to approach her.

“May I have the pleasure of gifting you this fabric, please accept my humble offering” he begged, and he pulled forth the most magical looking cloth from his tattered satchel.

“I will make you the best dressed woman in the world…

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