Parallel Stories

Parallel Stories

Sean is crossing the town square. He’s been to his mother in law’s house to eat, and now he is on his way home.

Ali is walking down the road. He’s been at his grandma’s, and he is going back to work.

Sean sees a man walking into the crowd. He looks strange. Nervous. Scared and angry.

Ali looks up on the sky. Is that a plane far up above him?

The  strange man shouts something in Arabic.

Something falls from the plane.

An explosion. People scattered on the ground. Body parts. Terror. Screams. He tries to help, everybody tries to help, but it seems hopeless. He runs over to a little girl lying on the ground. He turns her over. She’s dead.

Why? He shouts. Why do they do this to us? But he knows why. Because people he doesn’t agree with are fighting a war.



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