Return from Proxima B

I wrote this story last year when I heard about the discovery of an earth like planet circling the star closest to our solar system, Proxima Centauri. It will probably be possible to send probes there in a few generations. I’ve edited it a little before reblogging.


Return from Proxima B.jpg

The probe was coming back today! They had been waiting for this day for seventy years, or at least all their lives. The first ever piece of land from another solar system.

The planet was Proxima B, and it was the closest exoplanet to our solar system. The probe had landed, picked up substance from the ground and taken off to return to earth with samples.

It landed in the pacific ocean as planned, and George and Matthews were on a ship to pick it up. They found it quickly, everything was planned to the most minor detail. They got the probe onto the ship, and got it underneath to the hermetic laboratory where it was going to be opened.

The sample of sand and rocks was there, inside a glass container with gloves. The mission had been a success! They were jumping up and down in cheerful, childish joy…

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  1. Ugh! Yeah, they’re famous alright…remembered for time eternal not for what they have accomplished…but for what they have become…a homogeneous blob of rotting flesh! Great story. Beware of what you look for…you might find it! Stop by for a visit!

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  2. Hope you don’t mind a couple of links, but I’ve written at least two similar stories. One was about us sending our DNA to an alien world for colonization. The second is about a man who returned home from visiting Proxima A after 40 years expecting to come back to a very different Earth.

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