Weeping Woodlands

Recollections At Fall

Beyond the urban sprawl and the fringe of concrete civilisation was heard a thunderous reverberation

A harsh demonic grating of electric saws and frenzied verbal agitation

A rude intrusion to our peaceful activities in the shade of a sprawling tree

Soon peace pervaded and a tutored voice within carelessly registered another indiscriminate human spree

This is the fashion of the day the slash the burn the endless acts of deforestation

The wanton human lust the reckless race the insatiable desires to be appeased without hesitation

Lost in reverie I was soon overcome by drowsiness and lulled into slumber

Rudely awakened by the tinkling of anklet bells and a melodious number

As if in a trance I visioned Aranyani the elusive goddess of the glade beckoning me to the wilderness

Mesmerised I followed eager to keep pace with her agile gait in unwarranted recklessness

Deep in the weald in a clearing…

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  1. The writing here, for instance your choice of words and how you arranged the words in individual sentences, made your very interesting narrative even more so.

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  2. I am afraid I wasn’t too clear in my comment above, I probably needed another strong coffee before writing it, but there was something about the writing in this piece that demanded I pay attention to it. I also love the artwork!

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