The Apple Grove

On this date one year ago I published my first post here on It was dark and violent. Here it is.


The Apple Grove

A boy and a girl are running through the forest. Down a slope, looking back as if someone is after them. She stumbles, he stops and runs back for her. He takes her hand, about to pull her up. Then they burst into laughter.

They had been on a boat trip and disembarked on an island. They had come across a large apple grove by a house in the woods. Bountiful apples, tempting as hell. They jumped over the fence and helped themselves greedily. Then they had heard: Who’s there? An angry voice. They had ran.

Ole got Tina on her feet. They ran down to the boat and cast off. He started the engine and they set off away from the island full speed. They looked at each other and burst out laughing again.

A sudden slam.

Tina was lying in the water. The boat was upside down…

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  1. “… a bit too seriously.” LOL

    I didn’t start reading here that day, but not long after… and I’ve read that story. It’s a good one. Happy birthday to you. I remembered one of your newer stories like this (and also with an apple, or a peach, I think apple, like last week) a couple days ago when I was watching an episode of The Last Kingdom — and even our hero wasn’t bothered that someone was being put to death for stealing something for his family.

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    1. Thanks Marleen! 🙂 The other one has a similar message, for sure. The punishment for theft is in a lot of cases highly irrational, from my point of view it should be a bigger crime to keep food away from the needy than to take what you need to eat. I haven’t seen The Last Kingdom… Should I?


      1. I like some things about it (and don’t like a thing or two about it). I’m not sure if I like the History Channel “Vikings” better or this (same subject matter), on Netflix I think, better. Comparing is interesting.

        As far as food and the needy, I think that’s a good point.


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