Do You Think I Look Fantastic?

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Edgar Arron Poe

The early hours of the morning aren’t a time that you want to be getting ready for a funeral. I had only just woken up, and my miserable husband was already rushing me on, so he could see his sister’s dead body. He didn’t even want to be at the event. I, on the other hand, was looking forward to spending time with the family members that you only ever see when somebody has passed away, but I needed to make sure that I looked my worst for all of the people that were attending the best day of his sister’s life.

“Stop taking so long to put on your face,” my husband screamed from the bottom of the stairs. “I know those new cosmetics that I bought you are fantastic, but I really want to get out the house.”

“I’ll be down in a minute,” I replied, knowing that…

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  1. Edgar Arron Poe? Really? Okay, so I expected the Macabre and I got it! Tortured, strange, oddly humorous…yes…but if nothing else, this story is a fantastic metaphor for the reality of the cosmetics industry…because all make-up, is, in fact….POISON! Thanks for sharing this weird tale! Leave it to Fictionspawn to find the good ones!!

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    1. Haha! Thank you George! Doing my best:) I really like your assosiation to the cosmetic industry. It’s pretty much the same, really, just a bit slower. As long as we do not mention the animals involved, that is.

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