There had been no wind for many days. Twenty hard men were rowing day and night. This night everything was black. No stars, no moon. Just darkness.

The waves rose. First a little bit, then more, harder.

We’re too far west! Shouted Haraldr. He was one of the oldest on the boat, and second in command. We can’t go further. The World Serpent could be lurking!

There is no such thing! Leifr responded, but the sea went higher and higher. He started doubting his new beliefs.

A face appeared from the waves. Huge, like the sea itself. It rose above them. A creature of another world. The world of gods and giants, of powers beyond understanding. Jörmungandr. The Serpent of Midgard.

Turn! Shouted Leifr. Turn, we have to turn! The men rowed, as hard as they could. There was no way. No way to turn, no way to get back. The Snake was over them. It controlled the waves, moved the boat where ever it wanted. Played with them. A creature of death and destruction. They were doomed.

The wind rose even more. Thunder. Lightning. Thórr. Jörmungandr lifted it’s head, ready to strike. A lightning bolt pierced into it. It turned. Looking towards the skies. The men could hear the thunder rolling. Thórr’s wagon. The hooves of his bucks. The deafening cracks of his hammer.

The storm was savage. The waves where high as mountains. A fight between gods. The men fell. All control was lost. The boat was thrown around through the seas. Another lightning bolt. Another. Another. They heard the terrifying roars of the snake. It could no longer be seen.

The storm calmed down. They were lost, far away in the sea. The sun rose.

Land! Land ahead!

The new land was different from the lands they knew from before. Everything was bigger. The trees. Even the blueberries.

If we find our way home, we can bring more people and make a settlement here, said Leifr.

Do you think people will dare to go on such a dangerous trip? Said Haraldr skeptically. I don’t think big blueberries will be enough.

Hmm… I guess you’re right. Leifr thought for a while. Got it! From today this land will be called Wineland. That should cut it.

In this moment Harald remembered why he always went with Leifr on these crazy trips. The man was a genius.



Odin’s Visit


  1. Sort of reminds me of the Biblical story of Jonah. A Prophet refuses to obey the word of God and instead books passage on a boat to try and escape. A great storm comes threatening to drown them all. It’s discovered that God caused the storm because of Jonah. Realizing his mistake, he convinces the men on the boat to throw him into the sea. When he does, the storm calms and each man makes devotion to God.

    The Book of Jonah in the Bible ends on a “cliffhanger” so some months ago, I wrote a fictional ending to his story. It’s on my blog. Search for “Jonah” if you want to read it. Caveat: it helps to have read the actual Biblical book first (only four chapters, an easy read).

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    1. Thanks. I think I’ll read yours first;) This one is a mix of historic events, the viking journey to America, and Norse mythology. I got the idea reading the story I linked to on your blog. I discovered during the research that Leif Erikson had converted to Christianity some years
      before the journey, so I had to change a detail. Made the story more interesting as well, reality has some good ideas sometimes. By the way, have you seen the movie Erik the Viking? There’s an interesting little game of beliefs there, where the events are seen totally different depending on faith.


    2. Hmmm… If I had thought of that movie before I might have stolen the idea, and give the movie credit. Could make a funny twist on this story. Harald seeing Jörmungandr and Thor, and Leifr seeing just waves and thunder. Could have been interesting.


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