He hadn’t slept much the last days. Drugs, sex, violence… You name it. The last days had been crazy.

He came out of the old abounded storage house. He’d gotten some speed for the money he robbed down at the licker store, enough to sell a bit, and maybe if he was to keep things tight, buy a new party when it ran out.

He went down to Dylan’s flat. Mike was there as well. They were all out of drugs. He was a welcome sight.

They sat down, laid out some lines on the table. Big ones. They’d just snorted them in when there was a knock on the door. Three guys was standing outside. Fuck, it’s Marco! Get out of here! But it was too late. The door was kicked in. Bats. Knives. Guns.

The three friends were lying on the floor. They were to high to really understand what was going on, but it sucked. Marco wanted his money. He took the speed on the table and the play station. They had a couple of days to get the rest of the money.

They took my play station… said Dylan.

They took the drugs… said Mike.

What the fuck do we do now? Said Johnny. That stash was my way out of this mess.

I told you we shouldn’t do business with these kind of people, said Mike. We’re not the same league.

The two others were silent. They knew he was right, even though it had sounded like chicken shit the other day. They’ve heard things about Marco. They said he’d killed people. Apart from the torture he’d inflicted on others in their situation.

Fuck, man, said Johnny. We’re in it now.

We should fucking kill him, said Mike. Coming in here, stealing my stuff, threatening us. We should fucking…

Kill him. Said Johnny. Silence. Mike, you’re a genius.

Mike looked at him. He hadn’t really meant it, but then again… It would be in self defence. Kind of.

The day after Johnny is waiting Marco in an alley. He shows up with the same two guys he brought at Mike’s house. So you’ve finally paying your debts, eh? ‘Bout time, asshole. Where’s your pathetic friends?

Someplace, says Johnny, trying to hide his nerves. I dunno.

So, give me the money so we can get out of here.

Johnny stands there. Where’s Mike? He should be acting by now?

Er… he says.
What’s wrong with you, man? Give me the fucking money!

The thing is… I don’t have’em.

You don’t have them? Marco got angry. Shouted a lot of stuff about loosing his time, not respecting, and a lot of other stuff too.

Kick his ass, he said to his mates. A gunshot was heard. One of Marco’s guys fell to the ground. Blood was puring from his head.

What the f…

Another gunshot. Nothing happened, it missed. Marco ran behind a car. The third shot killed the other asshole. Marco started shooting towards were the gunshots came from. Johnny crawled behind a trash container. Then Marco ran off.

The other two came out of their hiding place behind the barracks.

Now what the fuck do we do? Said Johnny.

The two others stood in silence for a moment before Mike said:

We run.

Out of Gas


  1. Never shoot at a guy with a gun unless you kill him. Now they’re in a lot more trouble than they were before. Killing someone from ambush usually carries a stiffer penalty.

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