A Gnome is Watching. Aak fictionspawn

El Duende (Audio story)

Civil war is on the steps in Spain, and political violence is increasing. Pedro’s goat is being milked when he’s not there, and people are being shot at night. Pedro is threatened on all sides, and a little gnome is picking on him in his barn. 

You can read the original story in three parts starting here, or listen to the edited version underneath. It will also be up in written form on my Steemit-account.

A killer robot. Aak fictionspawn.

Teddy Bears (Audio narration)

In a dystopian future, human beings are no longer necessary for production. The world is divided. In one part of the world people live in abundance, while in another killer robots hunt humans as pests. Malak needs to go into a heavily guarded factory to get a missing piece to his new family’s electricity generator. 

You can listen to the story and see the images in the video below, or read it here.